In Defense of the Public Educator

Today we finished our first week of the 2017-18 school year. It was a great week. Our students were genuinely excited to be back on campus and our teachers did an absolutely wonderful job of welcoming them and beginning the process of developing meaningful relationships. It seems that with each passing year public educators face... Continue Reading →

Free, but Priceless

  It is, perhaps, the most effective tool for positive change that we all possess. A limitless resource, yet we often ration as if it were a scarce commodity.Used at the right time, it has the power to be the difference between "I quit" and "I'll keep trying." The application of one or two words (or a... Continue Reading →

Boundless Compassion

  If you have a passion for working with the poor and the marginalized -- or if you just want to develop a better understanding of the trauma of poverty -- you must read Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion, by Father Greg Boyle.  In his book, Father Boyle chronicles his years... Continue Reading →

The Cavalry Is Not Coming

As a leader (and a human) I am prone to feeling sorry for myself -- too much work, too much stress, too much responsibility, not enough balance, not enough rest, and not enough recognition. I write these comments with a healthy measure of humility and shame. You see, I struggle with my ability to balance... Continue Reading →

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