“10 Things” and “Random Thoughts”

I love to write.

I don’t claim to be particularly good at it, but it helps me process the “noise” around me.

I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, so I worry about what I write, whether or not I am capable of transcribing the thoughts rattling around in my head, and how (or if) my writing will be received. Lately I haven’t been doing much writing. A piece now and then on my Medium page, but that’s about it.

When I do write, I have typically focused on topics related to education. This makes sense. After all, I spend a significant portion of my time as a junior high school principal and over the course of my career, I have developed some pretty strong opinions about how we “do” education and especially how we care for those on the margins in our society. I will continue to write about education.

But, the squirrel running around in my head generates thoughts about other topics as well — a lot of other topics. I am an “I wonder…” kind of guy. Sometimes I wonder about serious things. Sometimes I wonder about incredibly stupid things. I know this because my wife and daughter frequently tell me this is the case. However, in an effort to write more frequently, I am going to attempt to get some of these ideas out of my head and into my blog.

“10 Things” is going to be my attempt to establish a regular writing routine. Perhaps daily. Perhaps less. We shall see. These posts will be simple lists — ten things. Not much detail, just a topic or concept and a list of ten things. “Random Thoughts” are exactly as described. These will be the blog posts written by the squirrel — most likely the result of me being in the “I wonder…” frame of mind.

Posts will be tagged accordingly — 10 things, or Random Thoughts. Simple. Readers might be intrigued. They might have zero interest. Either is fine with me. I am a just asking for some grace as these posts get mixed in with my regular education content. I’ll make them easy to read and easy to ignore.

My goal is simple. Do more of something I enjoy and do it with fewer self-imposed expectations and restrictions.

Best Wishes.


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