My 30 Day Sabbatical

I am almost done with school for the year — just a few more days of wrap-up and administrative meetings. In an effort to refresh (and prepare for a new school year), I am going to take a purposeful break. A sabbatical, so to speak.

Here is a list of what I will be doing.

  1. Rest: I need to give myself permission to really rest — to sit quietly, take naps, watch a baseball game. Relax.
  2. Read: I have a diverse summer reading list, and a few more books will probably find their way into the mix. The key is, I am going to read books I enjoy.
  3. Take a Mindfulness Class: I plan to take a mindfulness class through
  4. Go to the Beach: Ocean air. No further explanation needed.
  5. Simplify: I make things too difficult. During my sabbatical I am going to jettison clutter, habits, and anything else that makes decisions difficult.
  6. Walk: This is a chance to get a little exercise, listen to books and music, and think.
  7. Eat Mindfully: I need to break a few habits in this area and develop a few positive habits — like eating a healthy lunch.
  8. Go to Kansas: Visit family, go fishing, and focus on some of the other items on my list — walk, read, rest.
  9. Focus on Others and Gratitude: Find ways to encourage, support, and help others –including things at home (cooking, laundry, dishes, etc.)
  10. Let go of Anger and Frustration: It’s not healthy — for me, or those around me. Just breathe and let things go.

Author: azjd

Junior high principal by day, aspiring difference maker, and Jedi in my own mind. Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.

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