Unorthodox (but purposeful) Principal Strategies?

This post is Part III of The Redefined Principal Project.

I am hoping this post will go viral. Not because it contains any great ideas, but because I need the input of a diverse group of educators — teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff.

Have you witnessed unique leadership ideas or actions that have been purposeful and effective? I’m looking for strategies you have seen, or used, that might seem a bit unorthodox, but have:

  • Helped build connections among students, staff, and the school community.
  • Improved personal productivity and efficiency.
  • Set you up to be more effective in your role as a leader.
  • Changed your approach to school and made work more enjoyable.
  • Challenged the “norms” of the principalship.

They don’t have to be earth shattering ideas. Just things that have stood out to you as unique approaches to school leadership. I’m asking you to do two things:

  1. Share your ideas via comments on this blog post, on Twitter (@azjd), or by completing this very brief Google Form.
  2. Share this blog post. I believe we get better at what we do by listening to a diverse range of ideas.

I appreciate your input as I work to redefine my principalship. Thank you!

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