Moving Forward: Thoughts on a New School Year

[Note: the thoughts and ideas in this blog post are my own and are not intended -- in any way -- to be representative of my employer.] As an educator, the past few months have been challenging, but certainly manageable. The adjustment to distance learning has not been easy -- I miss being around the … Continue reading Moving Forward: Thoughts on a New School Year

What Will Next School Year Look Like?

This week I delivered a number of Chromebooks and WiFi hotspots to students in our school community. I was surprised by the mixed emotions I felt as I stopped at trailers, houses, and apartments to drop-off the devices. It was great to see my students and register their excitement at the prospect of being able … Continue reading What Will Next School Year Look Like?

Sentries Against Hopelessness

Coming to school each day can become a hopeless task for some children unless they succeed at what they do. We teachers are the sentries against that hopelessness. — Robert DeBruyn As educators, we all bring our own memories and school experiences to our work and into our classrooms. Undoubtedly, those experiences are a wide variation of … Continue reading Sentries Against Hopelessness