5 School Responses to #Charlottesville

Like many of you, I have watched with a great deal of sadness as this weekend's events have unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia. The brazen hatred, smugness, and pride emblazoned on the faces of marchers bearing torches is stomach turning. However difficult it may be, I would encourage you not to turn away from the images … Continue reading 5 School Responses to #Charlottesville

In Defense of the Public Educator

Today we finished our first week of the 2017-18 school year. It was a great week. Our students were genuinely excited to be back on campus and our teachers did an absolutely wonderful job of welcoming them and beginning the process of developing meaningful relationships. It seems that with each passing year public educators face … Continue reading In Defense of the Public Educator

11 inspirational Quotes for Educators (and Social Good)

  I love reading and collecting quotes that challenge my thinking and lend a new perspective to how I approach my work and interactions with others.  Someone recently asked me about inspirational quotes I've encountered so I decided to turn the compilation into a quick blog post. Here are a few of my favorite quotes … Continue reading 11 inspirational Quotes for Educators (and Social Good)