A Letter to My Staff

July 22, 2018 To the Exceptional Staff at Willis Junior High School, We are embarking on what I believe is the most important week of the school year. ¬†As I write this letter, our campus is quiet and empty, but on Monday morning it will be abuzz with activity as our students return for the... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About Me, Or You

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less. - C.S. Lewis True story. On Friday, I had just completed supervision of the first of two lunch periods at my school. I was standing in the center of our campus, greeting students as they passed on their way to afternoon classes (happy... Continue Reading →

7 Ways Effective Educators Address Student Behavior

  Concerns about student behavior have always been a topic of fierce conversation. Student attitudes and actions often dominate discussions in meetings, at educational conferences, and in faculty lounges. There are almost as many philosophies (and programs) on student behavior as there are schools in the country, and getting agreement on how to address issues... Continue Reading →

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